CAC CareNet

OMS Technologies, Inc. is the proud creator of CAC CareNet. A child advocacy, hosted software solution offering documentation, reporting and case management customized for your needs.  Designed by Advocates for Advocates, its intuitive, ease of use, and flexibility offers users less time documenting and more time on their mission. We understand the criteria of creating amazing software is that it must be efficient, effective, easy to use, and secure. And all of these things are embodied in CAC CareNet.

Our philosophy when creating new software applications is to always seek the advice of those who use it every day. CAC CareNet was developed with this mission in mind.  We initially worked closely with a Child Advocacy Center to create the basic program then we reached out to dozens of other CAC’s across the country to continue making it the best it can be. Making sure it meets their needs and the needs of the greater child advocacy community. Then we added a few extras to exceed their expectations. And finally, we make the pricing affordable for all CAC’s across the country.

Our Child Advocacy Center software is highly customizable and tailored to fit every center’s specific needs.

  • Work on all platforms (Microsoft, Apple, Linux and Google)
  • Works on all devices from smartphones to desktop computers
  • Full end-to-end encryption
  • Easy-to-use form creator
  • Granular permission settings
  • Extensive reporting capabilities, including the NCA and the VOCA report
  • Elimination of time-out issues
  • Customization capabilities on-the-fly
  • Spend less time on documentation and more time on your mission
CAC CareNet | OMST